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A life course model of sarcopenia

Throughout life, cognitive abilities decline in a similar way as muscle strength. Mind and body form an inseparable unit and must therefore be trained together. Especially in recent years, it has become apparent that the focus should be on visual and cognitive abilities, as dementia is expected to be the most widespread disease by 2050. Furthermore, falls continue to pose a significant risk. It is well known that an untroubled life largely depends on good physical and cognitive abilities. These can be tested at any age and – more importantly – trained.


of SKILLCOURT Training

Help your guests stay physically and mentally fit: Keep them mobile, independent, and better attuned to their needs than others do. Investing in the health of your guests will help you:

Retain guests longer

The longer your guests remain physically and mentally fit, the longer they can enjoy their stay at your facility.

Attract new guests

A modern and innovative testing and training device for physical and mental health, which is fun and socially connects people, is a unique feature for a senior living facility and makes it more attractive to new residents.

Enhancing the quality of life

Fun, social interaction, and mental stimulation improve the residents’ quality of life. This enhances the reputation of the facility.

Reduction of costs

Improving physical and cognitive fitness can reduce long-term costs, as residents remain independent for longer.

Marketing and PR

The use of cutting-edge technology can be utilized for marketing purposes, demonstrating that you are progressive and committed to the health of the residents.

Pays off immediately

Already with one guest who stays longer, or an additional guest, the SKILLCOURT pays for itself.

Ältere Dame trainiert auf dem SKILLCOURT ihre Fähigkeiten

How fit is your brain?

Bio Brain Age Test

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

Benjamin Franklin

One of the Founding Fathers of the United States


More than a great product

Safe and relevant to everyday life

For every age and fitness level

Usable without the need for additional staff


Are you interested in SKILLCOURT and would like more information on how to integrate the training into your facility? Then get in touch with us, and together we will develop a concept tailored to your needs!

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