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An Athlete

A better concentration helps an athlete to maintain focus, improve performance, and react quickly and accurately in competitive situations.

A Patient

Improved concentration aids patients in recovery by enhancing their ability to follow treatment plans, engage in rehabilitation exercises, and maintain a positive mindset for healing.

A best Ager

Enhanced concentration aids in daily task management, and helps maintain independence and cognitive health. 

A first Responder

For first responders, heightened concentration is essential as it enables quick, accurate decision-making in emergency situations, ensures effective communication, and enhances the ability to remain calm and focused under extreme pressure, ultimately improving the chances of successful outcomes.

What is concentration?


Concentration is the brain’s skill to focus on relevant information in the environment and filter out distractions. The term “attention” is often used synonymously with concentration.

The better our skill to concentrate, the easier it becomes to focus on important tasks over longer periods, remember information, avoid distractions, and perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Whether in everyday life, work, sports, or school, good concentration skills are crucial for achieving our goals.

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Gestresste Frau hat Schwierigkeiten sich zu konzentrieren und fasst sich an den Kopf

Why does concentration decrease?


The best concentration performance is achieved at the age of about 20-30 years. As we age, this ability continuously declines due to neurological changes. Stress, illnesses (e.g., ADHD), and environmental factors such as diet or lack of sleep can additionally negatively affect concentration ability, leading to concentration disorders.

However, with the right training, we can counteract this development and improve concentration. The SKILLCOURT assists you in this process.

is trainable

At every level

On the SKILLCOURT, there are special exercises that have been developed to improve concentration performance. These trainings address all relevant categories of concentration ability:

Sustained Attention

Maintaining concentration over long periods

Selective attention

Fast and precise recognition of details

Split attention

Simultaneous processing of different information


Ignore distractions

In various levels, your brain is presented with new challenges to provide an effective training stimulus for neural plasticity. Since the resources for concentration are limited, SKILLCOURT training helps in optimally utilizing the available resources. Start with it today!



The SKILLCOURT includes a special category for training concentration and attention. Various games and levels present the brain with new challenges. With movement on the court, the training never becomes boring and supports you in improving your concentration ability.

What people

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

Thanks to the SKILLCOURT, I was able to greatly increase my attention. The varied exercises improved my focus. An invaluable tool for productive work!

– Lisa M.

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

The SKILLCOURT has helped me to better concentrate on my tasks. The playful approach also makes the training very entertaining.

– Brian K.

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

I was skeptical, but the SKILLCOURT exceeded my expectations! My concentration and endurance have noticeably improved. A clear recommendation for anyone who wants to work with more focus!

– Ahmed S.

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What is concentration?

Concentration describes the brain’s ability to perceive relevant information, process it, and ignore distractions. Steering concentration and filtering out distractions always work together.

In addition, different forms of concentration are distinguished:


  • Concentration over extended periods (sustained attention)
  • Concentration on details (selective attention)
  • Attention to multiple tasks (divided attention)”

How does concentration training work on SKILLCOURT?

The concentration training on SKILLCOURT includes a series of exercises that address various forms of concentration. The exercises are adjusted to the individual’s performance level across different levels.

What types of exercises does SKILLCOURT offer to enhance concentration?

Exercises on the SKILLCOURT encompass specific training to maintain concentration (sustained attention), capture details (selective attention), simultaneous processing of information (divided attention), and filtering out distractions. The following exercises are among those particularly well-suited for concentration training:

– Chase 1
– Chase 2
– Escape
– Eagle Eye
– Remember Forms
– Remember Forms Plus
– Shape Jump

What advantages does concentration training with SKILLCOURT offer compared to other methods?

The concentration training on SKILLCOURT follows the VIKOMOTORIK concept, incorporating both concentration tasks and visual and motor tasks. This approach has been developed to optimize training effects in the brain for transfer to everyday life.

Can SKILLCOURT concentration training also help people with pre-existing concentration problems?

Yes, concentration exercises can be adjusted in difficulty through the level system to meet the needs of the user. Therefore, SKILLCOURT can be effectively used for training, even in the case of pre-existing concentration problems.

What benefits does concentration training with SKILLCOURT offer in everyday life?

In everyday life, we need to effectively use our concentration to tackle various challenges in traffic, household, or work. The better our ability to concentrate, the more efficiently and successfully we can work in these situations. To train your concentration on SKILLCOURT can assist in this regard.

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