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An Athlete

Improving problem-solving skills helps athletes tackle obstacles with precision, optimize their training regimens, and make critical decisions during competition, leading to enhanced performance and results.

A Student

Teaching problem-solving skills to students is beneficial as it equips them with the ability to analyze challenges, make thoughtful decisions, and find creative solutions to various problems they may encounter in school, social situations, and later in life. This skill fosters independence, resilience, and critical thinking, contributing to their personal growth and success in various aspects of their development.

A best Ager

Enhancing problem-solving skills among elderly people is advantageous as it helps maintain cognitive function, enhances their ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and promotes independence in daily life.

A first responder

For first responders and soldiers, strong problem-solving skills are essential for making split-second decisions in high-pressure situations, adapting to unpredictable circumstances, and effectively mitigating crises. These skills can save lives, ensure mission success, and promote the safety and well-being of both responders and soldiers in complex and challenging environments.

Problem solving


“Problem-solving ability is one of the higher executive functions closely linked to logical thinking and planning skills. It involves the capacity to identify a problem and solve it through a systematic, usually step-by-step process. A simple example is solving a mathematical equation.

The ability to solve problems helps in the workplace by making it easier to analyze complex situations and develop effective solution strategies. In daily life, it helps in organizing daily routines more efficiently, and athletes benefit by recognizing complex game situations and devising appropriate tactical solutions.

Mehrere Menschen arbeiten gemeinsam an einem Puzzle
Mann steht vor einer Pinnwand und überlegt sich eine Lösung

Problem solving throughout life


Between the ages of 20 and 30, we are most effective at problem-solving. However, as we age, our ability to recognize and solve problems declines in terms of speed and flexibility. Factors such as nutrition, education, and physical activity also play a role in this development.

Specialized training can contribute to improving and maintaining problem-solving skills at any age. The SKILLCOURT can assist you with this.

Problem solving 
ist trainable

At every level

The problem-solving training on SKILLCOURT presents the brain with complex challenges. To tackle these tasks, not only problem-solving skills are required but also other abilities like logical thinking and planning. Due to the limited time available, the training also demands quick thinking to arrive at the correct solution and achieve the maximum score. Different levels introduce the brain to ever-new problems and challenges. Within the framework of the VIKOMOTORIK concept, visual and motor components are integrated into the exercises to optimize brain adaptations and the transfer of skills from training to everyday life.  

Logical Thinking

Systematic thinking for drawing conclusions and problem-solving

Quick Thinking

Swift thinking for prompt decision-making

Skill of Planning

Structured preplanning and goal-oriented organization

Visual and Motor Competence

Coordinated actions through visual perception and movement

Exercises for 
problem solving


SKILLCOURT includes a special category for training problem-solving skills. Playful content and various levels with ever-changing challenges keep the training engaging and help you solve problems faster and more effectively.

Some of the training tasks in the “Problem-Solving” category include the following exercises.

What people

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

Thanks to SKILLCOURT, I’ve become a more strategic thinker. The challenges have enhanced my problem-solving skills. An amazing tool for mental fitness!

– Brandon R.

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

SKILLCOURT brings clarity to complex situations. My decision-making has noticeably improved. An effective training for everyday life.

– Heather M.

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

SKILLCOURT promotes creative thinking. The varied exercises have significantly expanded my
problem-solving skills.

– Sandy S.

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What is meant by the ability to solve problems, and why should we train it?

Problem-solving involves recognizing and systematically solving problems. Problems arise in our daily lives, at work, or in sports. Effective solution strategies help us act more quickly and efficiently to resolve issues.

How can you train the ability to solve problems with SKILLCOURT?

SKILLCOURT has its own category of training exercises for problem-solving. Various training tasks and difficulty levels present the brain with ever-new problems that need to be solved as quickly as possible to achieve the maximum score.

Can problem-solving training help with professional challenges or personal conflicts?

Problems frequently arise in both professional and personal contexts. The more developed one’s problem-solving skills are, the more effectively problems can be resolved. Enhanced problem-solving abilities are, for example, associated with academic and professional success.

Can SKILLCOURT training also help experienced problem solvers take their skills to a higher level?

A problem-solving training on SKILLCOURT includes various games with a range of levels that will challenge even experienced problem solvers. The motor aspect on SKILLCOURT adds another layer of complexity.

How are the learned problem-solving strategies and skills from SKILLCOURT training applied to everday life?

Problem-solving training on SKILLCOURT follows the VIKOMOTORIK concept, which includes not only cognitive tasks but also visual and motor aspects, optimizing the transfer of skills to everyday life.


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