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Visual, cognitive & motor tests & training

Thanks to high-precision motion capture and fully digitalized testing, SKILLCOURT is ideal for use in rehabilitation, performance diagnostics, and athletic training.

  • \Automated performance diagnostics
  • \Optimized rehabilitation process
  • \Individual talent development
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SKILLCOURT made in Germany


Increased player availability

through optimized visual and cognitive skills that significantly influence the risk of injury.

Optimized rehabilitation

through brain integrated, valid and reliable Return-to-Play tests and exercises.

Talent development

for young, aspiring and professional plaers.

Benefits for
 Pro Teams

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Improve diagnostics

SKILLCOURT provides valid tests to assess an athlete’s initial condition, development potential and injury risk.

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Optimize rehabilitation

Targeted visual and cognitive training optimizes the rehabilitation process and prepares athletes for the demands of everyday life on and off the playing field.

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500% ROI

Through increased player availability by reducing injury risk, optimized rehabilitation and individual player development.

     benefits for


    • Fast recovery after injuries through optimized rehabilitation processes
    • Promotion and development of young and experienced players
    • Increased player availability thanks to optimized processes that have a positive impact on injury risks

    Performance/Medical Teams

    • Fast, valid, and reliable tests
    • Valuable information about players’ visual and cognitive abilities
    • Data interfaces, export functions, and a dedicated platform for intelligent data analysis


    • Targeted and individual promotion of talents
    • Motivating and optimized rehabilitation processes
    • Transparent development of performance

    What our
     partners say

    „The technology of SKILLCOURT impressed me not only because of its significance for sports, but also because of its potential to positively impact the development of children and combat dementia in older adults.”

    Sven Bender

    Former professional soccer player

    “After several weeks of training on SKILLCOURT, the players, despite initial exhaustion, showed a significant improvement in performance. They were able to better utilize their potential, which freed up more physical capacities – a crucial factor in real matches.”

    Andreas Wagner

    Former youth academy director, FC Bavaria Basketball

    “With SKILLCOURT, we not only support our professionals but also, especially, our youth players to provide them with the best possible development.”

    Dr. Thomas Stoll

    Managing Director, Ratiopharm Ulm

     for athletes

    Applications in professional sports

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    Performance diagnostics

    SKILLCOURT allows to automatically and periodically evaluate athletes’ performance to determine if they have made progress in each area.

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    Injury prevention

    SKILLCOURT helps reduce injuries caused by athletes’ misperceptions and slow reaction times. 

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    Neurocognitive training

    SKILLCOURT combines targeted physical and cognitive exercises to train athletes’ mental performance and motor skills.

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    Tests and exercises on SKILLCOURT guarantee an effective and motivating rehabilitation process, enabling athletes to quickly return to full performance.

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    Return-to-Play is a systematic process that helps reintegrate athletes back into competition. SKILLCOURT not only makes this process more efficient but also more precise.

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    Player performance

    SKILLCOURT trains players in better decision making under time pressure, improved focus, and motor-optimized movements, resulting in players who are both mentally and physically faster.


    Upgrade for Pro Teams

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    • \Individual goal setting
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    Individual planning

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    • \Temporal and spatial planning
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    From science to practice

    SKILLCOURT adheres to the highest scientific standards for training that integrates mind and body. The exercises are based on the latest research findings and are continuously evaluated and further developed.

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    • Sports science
    • Technology
    • Gamedesign

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    How can SKILLCOURT be used in professional sports?


    SKILLCOURT is a training device specifically designed to enhance brain performance and health. Training programs and exercises focus on improving visual, cognitive, and motor skills.

    Individual workouts support both young talents and experienced athletes, contributing to maximizing their development potential.

    How does SKILLCOURT assist in the rehabilitation of injured players?


    SKILLCOURT offers optimized rehabilitation processes through targeted, measurable visual and cognitive challenges. This results in faster and more specific rehabilitation, leading to more effective player value recovery. The progress of the rehabilitation process is measured using quick, valid, and reliable tests.

    Being able to conduct tests quickly and regularly with minimal time investment facilitates the work of the medical department and ensures an effective rehabilitation process.

    Additionally, the playful approach of SKILLCOURT exercises enhances the engagement and motivation of athletes, especially during the psychologically challenging injury period. This results in a more efficient and successful rehabilitation.

    How does SKILLCOURT support the development of athletes?


    Through individual workouts and targeted development measures, both young talents and experienced athletes can improve their skills. This contributes to player value creation by maximizing the potential for development among the players.

    How does SKILLCOURT contribute to the availability of athletes?


    SKILLCOURT increases player availability through optimized visual and cognitive processes that reduce injury risks. This means players can return to action more quickly and experience fewer absences (Player Value Usage).

    What economic benefits does investing in SKILLCOURT bring?


    The costs for a single match of a player often exceed the investment in SKILLCOURT over five years. With increased availability and performance of players, as well as optimized rehabilitation processes, SKILLCOURT provides a quick return on investment (ROI).

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