Cutting edge technology

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3D-Tiefenkamera des SKILLCOURT
2D LIDAR Lasertechnik am SKILLCOURT

The future has just begun


The SKILLCOURT utilizes cutting-edge 2D LIDAR laser technology in combination with an advanced 3D depth camera. This advanced technology ensures unparalleled accuracy in motion capture and creates a training environment that responds to your actions in real-time.
Without fixed or complex installation, the SKILLCOURT is space-efficient due to its multifunctional use.

Futuristic effeciency meets
 highest safety standards


Whether through the state-of-the-art hand vein scanner for biometric recognition or the tried-and-true RFID chip card/bracelet, the SKILLCOURT ensures that only those you grant access can use it. An efficient and trustworthy registration system.

Handvenenscanner am SKILLCOURT
RFID-Chipkarte/Armband Anmeldung am SKILLCOURT
SKILLCOURT Puzzle-Bodenmatten
Graphic of SKILLCOURT playing field

Any size, any surface

fits your space

The SKILLCOURT adapts to your needs. From a compact 10×10 feet field to a generous 16×16 feet area. Need more space? Larger surfaces up to 65×65 feet are always possible upon request. Design your training environment with a wide selection of floor coverings, whether it’s the durable PavyGym flooring, custom decals for your training area, or realistic artificial turf.


Partners & 

The collaboration with first-class partners enables SKILLCOURT to advance innovative projects and achieve high-quality scientific insights. Together, we are shaping the future of training and creating a revolutionary training experience for our users!

Immerse yourself
 in a brilliant world


With an impressive 65-inch 4K monitor, every workout becomes a visual experience. Sharpness and clarity that guide you in real time through your training sessions.

SKILLCOURT display with home screen

Connected with your world


We offer integration with existing data software, patient management systems, and training software. This streamlines administration, saving you time and allowing you to focus on what’s essential.

Vernetzung von Daten
Nashboard Datenauswertung für den SKILLCOURT

Keeping everything in focus


Make Progress Measurable and Visible. Analyze game data directly on the device or access detailed reports through our RemoteApp with Excel export, or analyze directly in our data management software. Measurable results that improve your clients and your decisions every day, without compromise.

Over 100 playful
 tests and trainings


Exercising on the SKILLCOURT goes beyond traditional exergaming; it’s a specialized training for both body and brain. Drawing on the latest findings from sports and neuroscience, SKILLCOURT offers over 80 tailored trainings to enhance visual, cognitive, and motor skills. In collaboration with our scientific partners, we constantly evaluate current training programs and work tirelessly to develop new exercises. It’s a high-level visual, cognitive, and motor training designed to optimize performance and health in everyday life, sports, education, and professional settings.

SKILLCOURT Screens von verschiedenen Übungen


Training with system

Whether in everyday life, sports, or at school, we need to See-Think-Act everywhere. For seeing, we need visual skills; for thinking, cognitive skills; and for acting, motor skills. With SKILLCOURT, we train all three skills simultaneously. This type of training is called VIKOMOTORIK™ Training.







    You see tasks on the monitor, use your cognitive abilities to solve them, and transfer the information to your motor skills. Always a challenge, always in motion, and always together (visual + cognitive + motor). This is how the transfer to everyday life succeeds. Skills that are essential for our lives.


    Visual perception is the ability to understand, analyze, and interpret visual elements.

    Gehirngrafik zeigt Kognition Bereich


    Cognition encompasses mental processes such as logical thinking, decision-making, and memory.

    Gehirngrafik zeigt Motorik-Bereich


    Motor skills refer to the ability for movement coordination and muscle control.

    Gehirngrafik zeigt das Zusammenspiel von Vikomotorik im Gehirn


    VIKOMOTORIK™ combines all three components – visual, cognitive, and motor skills – significantly referencing the biological sequence of a voluntary movement.

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    Cutting edge soft- and hardware

    The SKILLCOURT combines state-of-the-art hardware and software development at the highest technological level. Highlights include the LIDAR system, the 3D depth camera, and the integration of artificial intelligence in data processing. Whether it’s reaction times, joint angles, or movements on the court, all relevant parameters of visual, cognitive, and motor skills can be precisely captured and utilized for training planning and diagnostics. Automated analyses on the online platform also allow for continuous monitoring of performance development and comparison with other users.

      Sensoric LIDAR Technology & 3D depth camera
      Navigation Player Body
      Navigation Coach Remote-App
      Tower SKILLCOURT freestanding: 35×27 inches
      without Display: 18×27 inches
      on the wall: 12×12 inches
      Playing surface SKILLCOURT 10×10 feet
      13×13 feet
      16.5×16.5 feet
      up to 66×66 feet
      Total size SKILLCOURT 11×14 feet
      14×17 feet
      17×20 feet
      bis zu 67×66 feet
      Display 65″ 4K-Monitor
      Flooring Options Puzzle-Sportflooring
      Adhesive foil 
      Artifivial turf
      Product Options Tower with integrated Display
      Tower with wall mount Display
      Wall mount installation
      Log in  RFID, Palm Vein
      Connectivity W-LAN
      Power Consumption 230 Watt

      Technische Details SKILLCOURT 2023


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