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The age of your brain doesn’t have to match your actual age. The real age, or chronological age, tells you how many years you have lived, whereas the biological age reveals the functional state of your brain.

Nahaufnahme von einem älteren Herren und einer jungen Frau, die nebeneinander stehen
Grafik eines Gehirns, das sich auflöst

Cognitive decline and how to fight it

It’s about
 your brain

The brain is fully developed around the ages of 20 to 30 years. After that, its performance gradually decreases over time. This particularly affects the so-called executive functions of the brain:

  • Working Memory
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Inhibition

But why is it even useful to know the age of the brain?
Brain development does not only depend on genetics. Environmental influences, lifestyle, and physical activity also affect the biological age of the brain, just as they do with muscles. If you’re physically active, stay active, and train your brain, it doesn’t age as quickly. However, if you’re less active, your brain can age faster, increasing the risk of diseases like dementia. Therefore, it’s sensible to not only pay attention to the actual age but also to test how well the brain is functioning.


The Bio 
Brain Age

Using three intuitive tests, your reactions and memory retention are playfully assessed – more precisely, your cognitive flexibility and working memory. Also, your inhibitory control, which is the ability to control impulsive reactions to arrive at answers through logical thinking, is trained.

These abilities are associated with academic performance, success in the workplace, athletic performance, general health, as well as independence and quality of life in old age.

Scientifically developed

How it 

The Bio Brain Age Test on the SKILLCOURT reveals the age of your brain compared to your actual age and has been developed in close collaboration with scientific universities. Due to the importance of brain functions in development, daily life, career, sports, and aging, the Brain Age Test relies on scientifically evaluated exercises to determine your biological age.

Your test result is compared with the expected brain performance in your age group, and your brain age is determined.

Graphic shows the decline of brain performance over the years

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