Modern ways to prevent and recover from ACL injuries – And to bill for it

Test Stay ahead of the curve as research continues to advance! Neurocognitive compensations may hold one key to understanding why ACL tears are so prevalent.


Leaders in the field of Physical Therapy are increasingly recognizing the significance of post-injury brain training and testing. While the interventions proposed by the authors in this context are commendable, they demand a high level of attention and creativity from Physical Therapists, and quantifying progress can be challenging. Here are just a few reasons why neurocognitive training can help reduce the risk of ACL tears and aid in a stronger recovery after injury:

  • Enhancing motor control capacity by reducing cognitive demands
  • Minimizing motor compensation for visual and cognitive deficits
  • Improving feed-forward activation
  • Utilizing more practical metrics that closely mirror real-life movements, such as cutting and changing direction
  • Introducing higher cognitive loads within rehab to better prepare for real-life and sports demands

However, it’s crucial to approach this wisely. Scientific studies have shown that computer-based approaches have limited transferability to real-life or game situations. Technical specifications also highlight why camera-based solutions are too slow and lack the necessary precision for testing and training visual and cognitive skills.

SKILLCOURT- Efficient revolution in Physiotherapy

This is where Skillcourt steps in to revolutionize the field. Skillcourt not only saves valuable time for Physical Therapists but also enhances the effectiveness of their interventions. With a diverse range of + 50 Assessments and over 150 exercises and levels, patients can engage in training at various stages of their rehabilitation journey, and the outcomes are seamlessly recorded in the patient’s profile. This not only simplifies the process but also allows for the billing of more effective CPT codes such as 90901 and 97750, easily justifying the investment in this cutting-edge technology. Our sincere appreciation goes out to Mike Reinold and Lenny Macrina for their invaluable insights and shared knowledge! 


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