skillcourt :: Für wen? :: Patienten
Return to walk,
run & play
  • will get back on their feet faster:
  •     avoid protective postures and compensation patterns
  •     may reduce the likelihood of further injury
  •     optimize your return to /walk/run/play process
  •     receive measurable and predictable therapy progress
  •     can improve their response and anticipation to avoid injury
  •     are systematically guided through the therapy
  •     are able to cope better with everyday life after strokes
  •     learn to control movements and cognitive processes better

Dr. med.
Markus Klingenberg

Our medical partner
in the Return to play area.

Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery,
Sports medicine, chiropractic therapy and emergency medicine.
He is also qualified as a diving physician,
Nutritionist and physician for Prevention and
Health promotion.


How does the training or
the therapy on the skillcourt work?
Getting better by playing

Our return to... process contains a total of 22 levels, which patients must complete either partially or completely - depending on their personal goals - successfully. Parameters such as step/jump distance, contact times, speed and coordination ability are measured. Combined with cognitive exercises, visual training and coordinative games, this results in a rehabilitation process that systematically brings patients to their goal.


Motor functions

Steffen, 25 years, cruciate ligament rupture


Personal goal: To play basketball again as quickly as possible.


Step 01:
initial diagnostics
return to play

After the previous physiotherapy Steffen starts with the medical training therapy. He completes the 1st tests on the skillcourt. As soon as Steffen does not pass a test, the therapist is informed to discuss his individual training therapy with him.


Step 02:
Individual trainingtherapy

The therapist works with Steffen specifically on the revealed deficits and tries to remedy them through therapy and training. In addition, Steffen carries out specific exercises on the skillcourt in order to prepare for the next levels.


Step 03:
easurable therapeutic

Steffen will repeat the last passed test and the first failed test. If he passes both tests this time and moves on to the next level, further tests are automatically carried out until Steffen fails another test.