skillcourt :: For whom? :: Kids
  • Kids learn easier and faster if the link between motor skills and cognitive abilities is well developed,
  • they can concentrate longer,
  • ADS and ADHD are counteracted,
  • they learn languages faster,
  • they increase their ability to solve problems,
  • they usually get better grades.

How kids benefit from

For kids, motor and cognitive development means more or less EVERYTHING. The ability to learn easier and faster is extremely important in today's world, where an incredible amount of information is perceived and situations change rapidly.

It is crucial that kids learn to concentrate, develop solution-oriented thinking and increase their creativity. It is no longer important to learn content by heart. Information is available very quickly via the Internet. It is crucial to learn, to connect, to combine, to filter and to be attentive.

Kids develop all these skills by playing on the skillcourt. And the most important thing is: Today we know that people learn content in motion much better and faster than, for example, while they are sitting.

The formation of synapses and the synchronization of the hemispheres of the brain play a decisive role. On the skillcourt, children can playfully boost their cognitive and motor development. They will benefit from this for their whole life. 

Learning by playing. And boost development.

How does the support my kids development?
Getting better by playing

On the skillcourt there are over 40 exercises from the areas of speed, vision, knowledge, intelligence and movement. After an initial analysis of your kid, we will put together an individual training program that will help your kid to improve in the appropriate categories.


Motor skills

Max, 9 years: Example training plan


Personal goal: to improve skills in football, to be more concentrated in school.


Step 01:
Entry test

Max completes the first skillcourt test. Based on this test the trainer knows where Max's strengths lie and where we can still support him.


Schritt 02:
Individual Training

On the basis of his evaluation, the skillcourt and the skillcourt trainer compile an individual training program. Afterwards Max can do these exercises independently.



Step 03:
Follow up test

After his first weeks in the workout, Max will do another test. On the basis of this new test, he gets individually adapted training units again, in order to constantly improve in the respective areas.


Step 04:

Max is doing these tests periodically to see on which level he is. The skillcourt permanently recognizes his strengths and weaknesses and suggests individual training sessions. Always followed by another test.


Step 05: Measurable results

After a certain time Max should get closer and closer to his goals. Based on the results achieved, the tests and the extensive statistics, it is possible to detect changes in his skills. In real life as well as hopefully in school.