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  • improve their linear and multidirectional speed
  • become more explosive in acceleration
  • avoid injuries
  • move more economically
  • increase their agility with and without play equipment
  • improve their vision
  • optimize their speed of action

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How athletes benefit from

Almost all sports have become significantly more athletic and faster in recent years. Athletics often decides between victory and defeat. The particular sprint, the decisive jump for the header, the quick reaction of the goalkeeper. Almost all decisive scenes take place at the highest speed or with a maximum of force. If you look at the subject of speed in detail, you can see that a multitude of individual skills have to merge seamlessly, or even run in parallel, to achieve the best possible performance. For example, players with a very high linear speed may be at a disadvantage in the decisive scenes, if their reaction time is too long, or if they lose their first steps against their opponent. With athletes work on all skills, which are all important to improve speed and pace. The focus is on measurable data, reliable tests and our natural desire to play.

The skillcourt also enables athletes to develop their skills in a targeted way:

  • by putting your own performance parameters into proportion,
  • by making development visible
  • and by allowing goals to be visualized.

This enables clubs to scout on a new level. Knowing in which areas an athlete needs development is extremely important for targeted promotion, especially in youth. If an athlete gets injured , the entire return to play process can even be controlled and measured with the skillcourt. More information here

Recognize deficits. And boost your potential.

How does the speed training
on the skillcourt work?
Play right. And become better

In total, 40 tests and exercises in different levels are available on the skillcourt to improve perception, reaction, speed of action, acceleration, deceleration and change of direction. Among other things, games are also used to promote the vision and intelligence of athletes. Because speed begins in the brain. After doing highly professional tests, a speed profile of the athletes is created automatically and the following training can be systematically controlled in order to boost existing potentials. The skillcourt chooses the suitable workout for each athlete out of approx. 500,000.


Motor skills

Leon, 20 Years


Personal goal: Wants to improve his speed, agility and quickness in football


Step 01:

The individual speed profile of Leon is created with the help of several tests. Tests from the following categories are used:


Step 02:
Individual training program

Based on the measured results, the skillcourt chooses an individual workout out of approximately 500,000 possible combinations, to optimize the areas with the lowest performance. The chain breaks at the weakest link.


Step 03:
Follow up Tests

After six weeks of training, Max absovles another test. On the basis of this new test, he gets anather series of individually adapted training sessions to constantly improve himself in the respective areas.



Step 04:

The development process consisting of specific tests and systematic training is repeated until the desired performance level is reached.


Step 05:
Measurable success

The measurement of performance parameters is particularly important in competitive sports. This is the only way to identify deficits and boost potential. With the help of we help athletes to achieve measurable success.