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Graph of brain plasticity over the course of life

The world is moving faster and faster and our children are right in the mddle of it. Social development is increasingly restricting movement.

  • 5Increasingly sedentary activities
  • 5fewer registrations in sports clubs
  • 5Immobilisation through urban living within a 15 minute radius

This means that essential stimuli visual and cognitive stimuli are missing in their development. The ever-increasing digitisation will bring problems that many people don’t even consider. Science agrees that the wave of illnesses such as burnout, depression, anxiety, or myopia will be enormous. 

In addition, in the last three years, around 15% of children have gained weight and around 20% more have suffered from psychosomatic illnesses such as sleep disorders, irritability, headaches, or depression. The duration of smartphone use is now four hours and in technically advanced schools even 8 hours. In East Asia, 70% of all children are near sighted.


using SKILLCOURT Training

Learn through play

Children have a lot of fun, are challenged, move around a lot, and develop thanks to the VICOMOTORIC concept

Success in school

Well-developed cognitive skills increase success in school.
– Borella et al. 2010

Efficient training

We train cognitive, visual and motor skills combined and efficiently in a short time (5-10 minutes for 2-3 times a week).

Constand Support

We make targeted use of the brain’s most developmental time and create a strong foundation for later life

optimised brain performance

Brain performance can be increased through demanding cognitive training tasks.
– Bonnechere et al. 2021

Mädchen spielt Shape Jump auf dem SKILLCOURT


in school life

Kinder beim Sportunterricht in der Turnhalle

Physical education

Combining exercise, fun and specific training

Zwei Schüler basteln zusammen

Working groups or extracurricular activities

In small or larger groups

Kinder beim Fußballtraining

School sports

Efficient training for the respective sport

The skillcourt helps us both in the integration of new students in terms of language skills and in the conduct of sports lessons and various courses

Gina Engelbrecht

school principle
international school mainfranken

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Playful – scientific

Well-developed cognitive skills improve success in school.

Borella et al. 2010

Movement games are particularly effective for improving physical and cognitive performance.

Zhao et al. 2020

Over 80% of the brain benefits from physical activity.

Batouli and Saba et al. 2017

Without training, cognitive performance decreases by up to 50%.

Ferguson et al. 2021

Cognitive training with movement is more effective than training on a cell phone or tablet.

Tait et al. 2017 Joubert and Chainay 2018

Brain performance can be increased through demanding cognitive training tasks.

Bonnechere et al. 2021

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