Train your ability to solve problems 


problems better.



Solve problems quickly and effectively to achieve your goals.


Approach challenges and problems in a structured manner.


Develop new solutions and stimulate your creativity.


Increase your success through extraordinary problem-solving skills.

problem solving


Problem-solving ability is one of the higher executive functions and is closely linked to logical thinking and planning ability. It describes the ability to recognize a problem and solve it through a systematic, usually step-by-step process. A simple example is solving a mathematical equation.

The ability to solve problems helps to analyze complex situations more easily at work and to develop effective solution strategies. In everyday life, the daily routine can be structured more easily and athletes benefit by recognizing complex game situations and developing appropriate tactical solution strategies.

Mehrere Menschen arbeiten gemeinsam an einem Puzzle
Mann steht vor einer Pinnwand und überlegt sich eine Lösung

Solving problems throughout life


We can solve problems most effectively between the ages of 20 and 30. However, the speed and flexibility with which we can identify and solve problems decreases with age. Here, too, factors such as nutrition, education and exercise have an additional influence on development.

Special training can help improve and maintain problem-solving skills at any age. The SKILLCOURT will help you with this.

Solving problems 
can be trained


Problem-solving training on the SKILLCOURT presents the brain with complex challenges. In order to complete the task, in addition to problem solving, other skills such as logical thinking or planning skills must be used. Due to the limited time, the training also requires quick thinking in order to arrive at the right solution and achieve the maximum number of points. Different levels always present the brain with new problems and challenges. As part of the VICOMOTORIC concept, visual and motor components are also integrated into the exercises in order to optimise adaptations in the brain and the transfer from training into everyday life.   

Logical thinking

Systematic thinking for reasoning and problem solving

Quick thinking

Quick thinking for quick decision making

Planning ability

Structured advance planning and targeted organisation

Visual and motor skills

Coordinated actions through visual perception and movement



The SKILLCOURT includes a special category for training problem-solving skills. Playful content and different levels with always new challenges make training never boring and help you solve problems faster and more effectively.

The training tasks in the “problem solving” area include the following exercises:


Fünf Sterne Bewertung

Thanks to the SKILLCOURT, I think more strategically. The challenges increased my problem-solving skills. An amazing mental fitness tool!

– Brandon R.

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

The SKILLCOURT brings clarity in complex situations. My decision making noticeably improved. An effective training for everyday life.

– Heather M.

Fünf Sterne Bewertung

The SKILLCOURT promotes creative thinking. The varied exercises have significantly expanded my problem-solving skills.

– Sandy S.

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What is meant by the ability to solve problems and why should you train it?

Problem solving involves identifying and systematically solving problems. We encounter problems every day in everyday life, at work or in sport. Effective solution strategies help us to act and solve problems faster and more effectively. 

How can you train your ability to solve problems with SKILLCOURT?

The SKILLCOURT has its own category with training for solving problems. Different training and difficulty levels constantly present the brain with new problems that have to be solved as quickly as possible in order to achieve the maximum number of points.

Can problem-solving training help with professional challenges or personal conflicts?

Problems often arise in a professional or private context. The better the problem-solving skills are, the more effectively the problems can be solved. Better problem-solving skills are therefore associated, for example, with academic and professional success.  

Can SKILLCOURT training also help experienced problem solvers take their skills to a higher level?

Problem-solving training on the SKILLCOURT includes different games with a range of levels that will present even experienced problem solvers with new challenges. The motor aspect of the SKILLCOURT also offers a further level of complexity.

How are the problem-solving strategies and skills learned from SKILLCOURT training transferred to everyday life?

Problem-solving training on the SKILLCOURT follows the VICOMOTORIC concept approach. In addition to the cognitive task, it also includes visual and motor aspects that optimise the transfer into everyday life.

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