Combine cardiovascular,
muscle and brain training

and boost your cognitive
and motor skills on the skillcourt.

Away from mindless loads
towards multidimensional

  • become faster

  • boost explosiveness

  • jump higher

  • shorten reaction time

  • optimize change of direction

  • accelerate faster

  • improve breakdown

  • act faster

  • improve perception


  • learn faster

  • concentrate longer

  • counteract ADS and ADHS

  • learn languages easier

  • boost ability to solve problems

  • improve creative thinking

  • be more attentive

  • get better grades


  • Return to life/play -
    systematically get fit again after injuries

  • Injury risk scores -
    Identifying injury risks in good time

  • Fall prophylaxis -
    Maintaining independence and freedom of movement in the long term

  • measurable successes -
    Do not leave health to chance.

Become a skiller and improve your skills playing. From the child to the professional athlete.

Getting better by playing
Heart, muscle and brain belong together.
  • Speed
  • Vision
  • Knowledge
  • Intelligence
  • Motor function
Thanks to ingenious training modules we boost
your skills on the skillcourt and bring you to the next level.
skiller exercises in a game design
More than 500,000 workouts, individually composed of different categories, are already waiting for you. With the help of scientific studies, excellent partners and our many years of experience in top-class sport and rehabilitation, we are constantly developing ourselves and you!