Train your memory

you can …

… remember things

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High-performing at work

Remember and link all important tasks, appointments and information.

Effective in everyday life

Remember agreements or meetings with friends and family.

Fit in old age

Counteract age-related memory problems and retain your memories.

Successful in learning

Absorb knowledge faster and retain it in your head for a long time.

Create and hold memories

What is

Memory describes the brain’s ability to record, store, link and retrieve information. For this purpose, there are different memory systems, the so-called short-term memory, long-term memory and working memory

We need our memory in every situation in life. From remembering phone numbers or the shopping list in everyday life, to organizing meetings and tasks at work, to remembering and recalling tactics and moves in sports and effective learning at school. A good memory contributes decisively to success in every situation in life.

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Memory change

Why does memory
ance decline?

A reduction in memory capacity is one of the most common limitations in the aging process. In particular, our ability to transfer information from short-term to long-term memory, as well as to link information together (working memory), decreases continuously with age.

Regular memory training combined with physical activity through specific exercises can maintain and even improve short-term, long-term and working memory performance at any stage of life. The SKILLCOURT helps you to do this.

can be

With SKILLCOURT Training

Memory training on SKILLCOURT challenges the brain with different memory tasks. Depending on the training objective, exercises are selected that train short-term, long-term or working memory. Due to the different levels, the training always adapts to the performance level of the trainee. The challenge in training strengthens the connection of networks in the brain and improves memory.


Storage of temporary information for a short time


Processing and manipulation of current information


Storage of information for permanent memories

Many training tasks also require dynamic movements on the SKILLCOURT. Physical activity releases growth factors that support adaptations in the brain. This positive effect is particularly strong in the hippocampus, one of the most important areas for memory formation. This further enhances the positive effect of SKILLCOURT training.

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SKILLCOURT includes a special category for memory improvement. Based on the training objectives, short-term, long-term and working memory are trained. Through playful content, always new challenges and movement on the court, the training is never boring and helps you improve your memory skills.


The training on the SKILLCOURT has improved my memory. I can better retain what I have learned and recall it at any time. A rewarding experience!

– Mareike L.

Thanks to SKILLCOURT my memory improved noticeably. Great exercises, clear progress – an absolute recommendation for memory training.

– Tony M.

My concentration and memory were strengthened by SKILLCOURT. Interactive exercises motivate to make progress. Ingenious approach!

– Maximilian L.


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Memory consists of three different components.

1. Short-term memory
Allows us to retain a limited amount of information for short periods of time (minutes).

2. Long-term memory
In long-term memory, we have almost unlimited capacity and can store information for years and decades.

3. Working memory
Allows us to retrieve information and link it together.

On SKILLCOURT there is a separate category “Memory” to improve the ability to remember in short term, long term and working memory. Different levels with varying degrees of difficulty adapt to the player’s performance and continuously present the brain with new challenges. Physical activity during exercise supports adaptations in the brain.

The SKILLCOURT offers exercises for the training of short-term, long-term and working memory and thus includes all relevant characteristics of memory. The exercises are selected according to the training goal, but can also be started manually from the menu. The following exercises are suitable to train the memory:

– English
– Spanish
– French
– Dutch
– Capitals of Europe
– Capitals of Asia
– Capitals of America
– Capitals of Africa
– Numbers
– Speed Numbers
– Symbols
– Speed Symbols
– Memory

Brain challenges, as well as physical activity, are key components of adaptations in the brain in general and memory in particular. A memory training on SKILLCOURT combines both components in challenging and playful training tasks. These principles can maintain a good memory in old age and prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Yes, SKILLCOURT includes exercises that train short-term memory, long-term memory or working memory. This covers all relevant components of memory.

We need a good memory at every age and in every situation of our lives. Whether it is remembering telephone numbers, street names in everyday life, linking a wide variety of information at work, remembering moves in sports or learning at school. A good memory is essential for performance and health in every area of life.

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