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Competent to act

Make the right decision quickly and put it into action.

Better at seizing opportunities

Identify different options and choose the best alternative.

Better at solving problems

By making the right decision, you support your problem-solving skills.

More confident

Trust your decisions and gain confidence in your actions.

Determined through life

What is

Decision-making ability is the brain’s ability to make the best choice from various options to achieve a goal. Especially at work, we often have to consider different options and make important decisions in order to be successful. In sports, we make decisions within a few milliseconds, and in everyday life, too, we have to decide whether, for example, the fastest way to get to work is by car, train or bicycle.

Faster and better decisions strengthen our self-confidence, make everyday life easier and support private and professional success.

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Decision-making ability over time


The best time to make decisions is reached at around age 20 and remains relatively constant until age 40. At a younger age, decisions are faster but also more impulsive and prone to error, whereas with increasing age, more emphasis is placed on decision quality. However, from the age of 40-50 years, there is a decrease in performance. Contributing to this is the loss of other cognitive abilities such as working memory, which is essential for effective decision making.

Targeted training can help maintain and improve your decision-making skills. The SKILLCOURT helps you with that.

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With SKILLCOURT Training

The decision-making ability is determined by the decision-making speed as well as the decision-making quality. Quick decisions are often more prone to error while, conversely, high decision quality often takes more time. On SKILLCOURT both components are addressed and trained in the exercise. To achieve the best score, both fast and correct decisions are necessary.



Players with fast but flawed decisions learn to evaluate situations better, while slow players increase their decision-making speed. A feedback system as well as different trainings and levels provide always new challenges and a motivating training experience. Combined with physical activity on the SKILLCOURT, neural plasticity in the brain is stimulated to improve decision-making ability. Besides training, you can also test your decision-making skills on SKILLCOURT.

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Desicion mak
ing exercises


The SKILLCOURT includes a special category for decision-making skills training. Different exercises and levels require quick and correct decisions and provide long-lasting motivation through playful content and movement.


Training on SKILLCOURT has made it easier for me to make decisions. A training program that definitely pays off!

– Thorsten M.

My fun in making decisions was definitely increased by the SKILLCOURT. Varied exercises help to act wisely under pressure.

– Martina O.

The realistic exercises on SKILLCOURT have significantly improved my judgment and strategic thinking. A must-have for smart minds!

– Leon N.


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Decision making is the ability to choose the best option from several to achieve a goal. Problems often arise when the number of options is too large, or the consequences of the options cannot be fully assessed. The fear of making mistakes, perfectionism or “overthinking” intensify this problem.

The SKILLCOURT trains decision making by focusing on decision speed and decision quality. This can improve decision-making skills without unnecessarily complex scenarios and transfer them to everyday life. Through different levels, the difficulty of the training adapts and presents the brain with new challenges. Feedback on the speed and quality of decisions in combination with diagnostics allows continuous monitoring of training success.

All decision making exercises on the SKILLCOURT require quick and correct decisions. In addition, other cognitive skills such as working memory (e.g., Remember Forms), action control (e.g., Shape Jump), or cognitive flexibility (e.g., Decision Pro) are integrated into the training. This results in a unique characteristic for each exercise, to increase training motivation and transfer to everyday life.

– Remember Forms
– Remember Forms Plus
– Shape Jump
– Decision Pro
– Switch Training

Whether in everyday life, work, sports or school. We make a multitude of decisions every day. The faster and better our decisions are, the better our performance becomes. But our health also benefits, as better decisions lead to less stress. Training on the SKILLCOURT supports this process.


Impulsive decisions result from limitations in action control and making decisions too quickly. SKILLCOURT training requires both fast and correct decisions to score points and advance in levels. Thus, players with impulsive behavior train better action control as well as better evaluation before making a decision.

We encounter decisions in almost every everyday situation, from choosing products at the supermarket to choosing the fastest route to work. SKILLCOURT trains decision-making skills and integrates additional components such as working memory into the exercises. Together with physical activity, this can optimize training success and transfer to everyday life.

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