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Become a partner of ours and offer your members, patients and customers a moving training that is also really fun.
If you are still hesitant, here are some unbeatable arguments that will blow you away ...


He fits in every room because it gets as big as it fits you

It is there when you need it and will not take any space if you need it elsewhere. The laser makes it possible. According to the motto: save space. And make optimal use of existing space.

Is ahead of his time. RFID was yesterday. Biometrics is today. No more "forgotten cards"

It's incredibly intuitive. Children from 5 years can play with it easily

Works self-employed. He also likes to do training alone. Without watchers and without sweating all day long. Even on Sundays:-))

Is meticulous. Because he measures exactly what you do and gives merciless feedback.

But also praises by giving points and unlocking levels.

Likes to compare. Achievements with and against each other.

The training is even so good that many statutory health insurance companies support it

Is addicting. That's why we tell him when to end. Your pass will thank us ...

Is there for everyone. He makes athletes faster, helps physios with our return to ... tests, helps older people to get up and ensures that you stay up there. He supports children in development. And at school :-)

Have we promised too much?
We already thought that ...


... that's why we have set up a contact form for you. Take the first and most important step: fill in and send. We'll do the rest.
If you prefer to talk to real people, call us now: +49 9721 29 23 840